Take a look at that spider! It isn’t any regular spider although, it’s truly the well-known Incy Wincy spider who is understood to weave robust webs that may catch any Halloween monster! However even Incy Wincy is not any match for the rain, that all the time washes it out when it tries to climb up the spout. Incy Wincy has heard that if kindergarten youngsters sing the Incy Wincy nursery rhyme, the clouds will go away! So Incy Wincy has requested us at Haunted Home to ask you infants to sing the Incy Wincy youngsters rhyme to assist it climb up the spout. Now Incy Wincy is a scary spider, and also you don’t need it to weave a big spider net for you for those who don’t sing! So let’s assist a scary good friend for a change!

Music and Lyrics: Copyright USP Studios™
Video: Copyright USP Studios™

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