Greatest PC Video games Offline Bots Quantity 2

Posted by Geox on April - 17 - 2016

Hey Gamer, after my channel reached to 1k subscribers, i deliberate to made second assortment of PC video games offline bots vol.2.
Each movies on this record was a primary individual and acquired a number of third person who has bots in skirmish,staff deathmatch and so forth.

-01.Battlefield 1942 (skirmish)
-02.Battlefield Vietnam (skirmish)
-03.Brother In Arms Street To hill 30 (workforce deathmatch,ctf and so forth)
-04.Brothers In Arms Earn In Blood (staff deathmatch,ctf and so on)
-05.Arma Armed Assault (Editor mission,state of affairs)
-06.Arma 2 (Editor mission,state of affairs)
-07.Darkest of days (Single participant Mission)
-08.Mount And Blade With Hearth And Swords (Skirmish mode)
-09.Mount and blade warband (Skirmish mode)
-10.Killing Flooring (solo)
-11.Killing Flooring 2 “early access” (play solo offline – Mutator=KF2Bots)
-12.Name Of Obligation Blackops three (workforce deathmatch,ctf and so forth)

DIsclaimer: all music background Are from selection supply In Youtube Search,Its beneath [CC] Free For Use.Besides Zombie Nation – Kernkraft 400 (W&W Remix) 13:00

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