Posted by Geox on April - 7 - 2016

This assortment incorporates better of First Person Shooter (FPS) video games for PS3 additionally embrace Horror Games.
This shouldn’t be prime video games!! There is a mediocre video games as nicely however enjoyable to play.

I made prime PS3 video games movies nevertheless it was combine assortment so i determine to type the video games and make it straightforward so that you can watch what sort of video games you want! so i hope you take pleasure in!!
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Games List:
1. F.E.A.R
2. F.E.A.R 2: Project Origin
three. F.E.A.R three
four. Battlefield: Bad Company
5. Battlefield: Bad Company 2
6. Battlefield 1943
7. Battlefield three
eight. Battlefield four
9. Battlefield Hardline
10. Condemned 2: Bloodshot
11. Dead Island
12. Clive Barker’s Jericho
13. Haze
14. Deus Ex: Human Revolution
15. Homefront
16. Borderlands
17. Borderlands 2
18. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
19. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
20. Portal 2
21. Bulletstorm
22. MAG
23. Metro: Last Light
24. Brink
25. Crysis 1
26. Crysis 2
27. Crysis three
28. Mirror’s Edge
29. Dust 514
30. Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising
31. Resistance: Fall of Man
32. Resistance 2
33. Resistance three
34. The Orange Box
35. The Darkness 2

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